FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: You don’t have my part. Now what?
A: If we don’t have it...we’ll find it. If we don’t have your foreign or domestic part in our inventory, we’ll locate if for you.

Q: What kind of parts do you stock in your facility?
A: We stock a huge variety of parts in our inventory, including rims, mirrors, light fixtures and more. Looking for something special? Give us a try. Search our inventory now >

Q: Do you have other parts for my car not listed?
A: We carry over 85,000 parts. We cannot list everything on eBay, so you can contact us to request a part. We can list parts on eBay at special request if we have the part in stock.

Q: What’s the deal with domestic and foreign compatibility?
A: There are still some true foreign cars out there, but the "big three" (Ford, General Motors and Daimer-Chrysler) use import parts for assembly lines and bodies from foreign auto makers. Many automakers also import cars made from other countries. Wondering where your part fits in? Give us a call and we can explain.

Q: Did you ship my package? I have not received a tracking number.
A: In most cases if you have not received a tracking number it is probably in your junk mail folder. We send out the tracking information to the email provided by eBay. Check your junk mail first, then give us a call.

Q: When can I expect my order to arrive?
A: In most cases packages will go out the same day as the payment is received, assuming the payment was made before 4:30. Generally speaking, items should be received in a week, but that is up to UPS. Obviously shipping times will vary depending on your location. Get more information on shipping here >

Q: How much are Shipping and Handling charges?
A: Shipping and handling is specified at each listing, unless there is a special circumstance like shipping of an engine. Please do not ask to have shipping costs lowered, it takes time and materials to box items.

Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: We only ship to the lower 48 states. In some cases we can make exceptions but please be aware there is a drastic change in shipping costs to other countries, Hawaii, and Alaska. We will have to be notified before purchase. Get more shipping information here >

Q: How long do I have to pay?
A: We would prefer that everyone pays instantly, unfortunately on eBay many people purchase items then take a very long time to pay, or do not pay at all. If you have not paid within 1 week of purchase a dispute will be filed with eBay, and you will receive negative feedback. If it will take you a long time to send payment please contact us.

Q: Is there any warranty?
A: All our parts are delivered with a standard 90-day guarantee on performance. There will not be exceptions after the 90-day period. We may ask for the part to be returned for inspection purposes. We will not refund money on a part that has been damaged i.e. dropped or damaged during install.

Additional warranteis are available.

Have more questions? View our full Warranty Policy here >

Q: Can I pick this item up?
A: Of course, we would love to have you down to our establishment. We would like to build a lasting relationship with our customers. Sometimes items are discounted due to high shipping fees on glass. if shipping is more than $15 please check with us before picking up the item.

Q: Is this part new, rebuilt or used?
A: All parts are used unless noted otherwise; there is a warranty on all parts. Get more warranty information here >